Waste Recycling Plant

Jay Khodiyar has introduced a new technology for agro waste and forestry waste where we recycle and convert it into valuable products called briquettes through the process called briquetting. Jay Khodiyar is a leading manufacturer of biomass briquette machine, plant. Our campaign is ‘Clean India Green India’.

There are 3 R’s that are important for environment they are :

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Jay Khodiyar is a leading manufacturer of biomass briquetting machinery. We have designed our machineries from professional experts as per the requirements of the clients. Our dedication to work, accuracy and reliability made us on the top most position in the era of competition with our experienced team of engineers that are driving our industry with progressive technology.

Waste Recycling Plant-Energy Briquetting Press Machine

Briquettes Plant-90mm

Agro Waste Briquette Machine

Jay Khodiyar Group is pioneer manufacturer, supplier and exporter of long lasting heavy weight briquetting agro-forestry waste machines. The briquetting machines are used to process biomass like sugar-cane, rise husk, coffee husk, wheat husk, saw dust, groundnut shell, palm waste, and many others into briquettes. The briquettes that are developed are used as an alternative fuel for heating boilers, Gasifiers units, Cooking purpose, Leather Industry, Chemical Industry and many others. Our machines are designed by technical professional having experience of more than 21 years.

biomass rotary drum dryer

Biomass Waste Management

To use agricultural waste and forestry waste we manufacture the best quality briquetting project that provide the best rates high quality briquettes from the biomass waste management. It is a highest ROI plan for any of the investors who will invest it into the biomass waste management. As the rising need of energy and extinction of fossil fuels.

Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine

Converting Waste into Energy/Fuel

We studied from our research that waste collections are increasing day by day. So we implemented out 3 R’s into renewable energy field. First is Reduce – We are planning to reduce the organic waste that is developed and increasing day by day. Second is Recycle – We have manufactured briquette machine after our long research to recycle the waste. Third is Reuse – We started reusing them as alternative source of energy.