Waste Management

What is Waste Management?

Waste is the garbage that is dumbed from agricultural industry, forestry, or houses. Waste Management is collection, transportation and disposal of waste to solid recycled product. With the rise in population there is increasing so the waste generated by the agro-forestry is also increasing.

Jay Khodiyar has been provided best solution for agro waste management in which biomass can be converted into briquettes with the help of Briquetting Plant and it can be used as energy fuel.

A renewable source of energy is obtained by converting biomass into high density fuel called briquettes without any binder or chemicals. The impact of global warming is reduced by using renewable source of energy. Global climate is protected by controlling global warming. It is one step towards saving our earth. Let us coordinate and help each other to achieve this. This kind of projects have lot of opportunity in agriculture based industries like UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and others.

Briquetting Machine


Size: Max 25mm
Moisture: Between 10-12%
Rate – Depends on location and availability.
Process – Required if the size and moisture are not matching the criteria listed.

Production capacity

  • Most of the biomass products can be used directly
  • Most of the biomass above 25MM requires only is crushing or cutting down into small sizes
  • If the moisture is high then the process required is drying process.

Benefits of this project

  • The payback duration of the whole project is approximate 2 years.
  • Pollution free and hazard free project
  • Eco-friendly project
  • 100% viable at all places
  • Promoting renewable energy
  • Low investment Project
  • Raw material is very cheap
  • Demand of end product is very high.
  • Rise in fossil fuel prices