Vision & Mission


Jay Khodiyar visualize ourselves as the most client centric company with innovate technology to make renewable energy from waste. Serving the environment in accordance with biomass renewable plants for our earth.

Jay Khodiyar was a dream revisited by our director, before he started this business. The best part of our company’s opening was green earth and to expand go green technology along with our company. We had vision of the earth free from all waste and pollution. Our director was ignited by the ultimate goal of removing waste from the mother earth. Biomass briquetting company Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is developing to a Jay Khodiyar Limited. We have dream of the Jay Khodiyar reaching a height were we can serve all market from local to national and international.

We planning to work with all the countries of the world where we can educate the people for renewable energy project and share knowledge of go green, go renewable. The most demanding thing in near future is renewable energy as the non-renewable sources are about to extinct in near future. A image of earth with a green mat protecting it from all the corners. The few points we keep on reciting are:

  • As one of the leading and dedicated technology contributor globally. We would be reconnoitering our never-ending possibilities in the Global Arena of manufacturing industries.
  • Innovation & Invention is the priority that peak our business in technology and market.
  • To create awareness regarding the only concept “Go Green, Go Renewable”
  • Our employees (family members) will be enjoying the highest living standards.
  • To justify our main tag line “Customer Satisfaction is our Motto”
  • To bring new model of plants which would help Mother Nature and it brings new renewable source of energy to human beings.


Mission of Jay Khodiyar is to educate and provide knowledge regarding Eco-friendly and Quality products that fulfill customer’s requirements at the accurate price. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team will assistance, motivate, teach and problem-solve for our customers.

Our mission is to attain the world market and grow along with the technology to serve the world with the renewable energy sources that are the future of the near world as the non-renewable energy sources are getting vanished in near future. Fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, petrol, kerosene, diesel and many more that are not possible to get back from earth in short duration.

Our mission is to go green go renewable with the briquetting machine that intakes the waste biomass and end product is the high density briquettes that has high calorific value and no sulphur content so no pollution. The pollution free environment and a world with the lot many sources of energy that will last long. The energy resources are the basic need of nay industry whether that is a small kitchen item manufacturing plant or a huge mining manufactures. Our mission is to serve them with a renewable energy machine tools that can help them to recycle the waste into a renewable energy briquettes. This briquettes can directly be used inside their boilers, furnace and at many more places as burning material.

eco- Briquetting Plant Machine Manufacturers and Briquette Press Suppliers

  • Our goal leads to updating technology in energy plant arena thus promoting the console and strengthening to the existence of human life.
  • Strive always to be restrained as the major scale supplier to the society economically and culturally.
  • To Provide greener footprint through proper guidance of waste recycling management
  • Deriving innovations in our technology through scientific brilliance.
  • Making life as a celebratory to all persons who are connected with us.
  • Contributing immensely in financial growth of the nation-state.