Research & Development

The sole purpose of our research and development is to find the cost effective and beneficial ways to serve the nature and our earth by using the alternate source of energy that is called biomass briquettes. Jay Khodiyar have the foremost research and development center that are using the best technologies and innovations to make briquetting machines. We are developing briquetting machines with our research and development team to bring innovation in Briquetting Machine technologies to make process flexible and offer enhanced quality of briquetting plant.

Jay Khodiyar is located in Rajkot, Gujarat in area of 2500 Square Meter with various laboratories to carry out advanced Research and Development modernization in all the briquetting project. In our past two decades we have made several changes that creates different values in technology market of briquetting industry.

Our Research and Development with their countless efforts, have developed an innovative model of biomass briquetting machinewhich will be in clients’ budget, which will be even easier to control waste management and keep the environment clean and healthy.

We have following sections in our research and development departments

Market Research & Trends

It is very must to research the market of briquettes and briquetting machines before we begin our process of production. We have a team that learns and survey the trends that are running into market. They basically research the market demand and supply.

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Sales Analysis

We define and analyze the end product sales for our clients of the end product, briquettes. So our clients can directly start the production with our briquetting machine tools. We always plan the process before we set our machines into market.

Technology Advancement

We keep on surfing the new technical trends and new technology that are arising in the market. We analyze whether that will be suitable to our field? Will it make any benefit on adopting the technology? F yes than we plan and introduce it.

Market Experts

We have market experts who are working on our machines and give us guidance to make changes and increase the quality.