Renewable Energy

Energy is the major growing demand of every industry in our day to day life. When we talk about the small scale industry like food packets to huge power industries like Jay Khodiyar require power and energy in different forms. The world is progressing towards a new era of innovation and the energy resources are getting extinguished in near future.

Effects of non-renewable energy sources

  • Pollution
  • Global warming
  • Natural calamities

renewable energy, Energy Briquetting Plant System


Renewable Source of Energy

To save the non-renewable energy sources we can develop new renewable sources of energy. This can be attained from agro-forest waste into biofuel by process of biomass briquetting technology. Main motto of the briquetting project is converting agro-forest waste into renewable energy source. To create a pollution free energy in low cost.

Briquettes – Bio Coal

Briquettes are bio coal or white coal. Briquettes uses the agro-forestry waste like sugarcane waste, rice husks, saw dust, groundnut shells, cotton seeds, etc. and convert it into black coal, lignite, fire wood kind of fossil fuels with high calorific value and free of pollution.

Feasibility Study

Briquettes Plant Machine, Press, Equipment is feasible at all places where agro-forestry waste is available in huge amount in market. Moreover Indian Government is providing subsides up to 30% Income Tax benefits of 5 years to serve the citizens who are engaged in finding alternative sources of renewable energy. The project is pollution free and eco friendly not to harm the environment.