Production Department

Production Department is to produce finished products from the raw material provided. To test the efficiency of the finished products and to maintain the track of the briquetting machine during its process. The main duty of the production team is to supervise the whole process is carried out smoothly and supervise procedures to make work easy and enjoyable for all.

The production department is in coordination with the sales IT department to keep on updating the client about the machine progress. So the client keeps themselves updated with the machine production. All the departments works in coordination with each other so it makes clients work easy, fast and efficient. The production department updates the research and development for any changes for any new innovations and production errors too. We do not compromise in quality.

Production and planning

Production and planning department sets targets at each stage of production. They plan how to control quantity against the quality. They monitor each and every step of production.

Purchasing Department

Purchasing department of our company deals in materials, components, equipment’s parallel to that they ensure the stocks and quality of goods. They keep updated themselves with the production department and keep their stock ready available for them.

The design and technical support department

We believe in innovation in design and technical parts. Our technical departments are coordinated well with other departments. We ask our clients to provide us with feedback, we analyze them. After our research and analysis with the support of technical department we design new ideas and implement it.

The works department

The work department is further about development of products. The work department deals in maintenance of production line, repairing, quality control and inspection of various machine parts and especially the whole machine when it is ready.

Briquetting Machine manufactiurer

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