With the management of the visionary Mr. Sanjay Tilala the managing director of the company Jay Khodiyar, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization. The vision to achieve the successful endeavor “Create a better tomorrow with Green Energy”.

Jay Khodiyar is doing best effort to achieve customer satisfaction to lead company to a highest achievable position with innovation in technology and organizational approaches. The lessons of ethics, professionalism and transparency that our team had attained from our managing directory Mr. Sanjay Tilala has lead our briquetting biomass energy group to a remarkable standard of quality. We are been inspired by him, with his hard work and dedication. His passion towards his company to grow it to new heights and attain new progress and create new history.

It takes a great team and effort to translate the vision of grows greener with better tomorrow into a reality. Responding to the vision of jay khodiyar team force that is driving the growth of the company with new innovative, technical, managerial and organismal approach. He keeps on surfing new technology. He tries to adapt and fix that into his new models for new output. He keeps up his machines updated with the new technologies and attain great quality results.

Through the guiding spirt, Mr. Sanjay Tilala the corporate governance is through our professional, transparent and inclusive growth in briquetting industry. The ISO 9001:2008 is the proof we hold to say that we are excellent management and organized company in this region. We have attained all the credits that we hold today step by step with various hard work and dedication to our work. We are working constantly and consulting our experts to bring new innovations that would increase quality again. Our research and development team is constantly working on our projects day and night 24 hours.