How to Briquette the BioMass?

Any kind of Biomass waste can be converted into Briquettes. Briquetting press which are installed in India are using Saw Dust, Bamboo dust, Bagasse, Cotton Stalk, Coffee husk, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Husk/Stalk, Pine Needles, Rice Husk, Sugar Mill Waste, Jute waste, Coir pith and other wastes & residues like Castor Shell, Red Gram Stalk, Tobacco stem, Tea Waste, Sander Dust, Tree Bark, Wild Grasses & Shrubs i.e.

Any type of Biomass like Agricultural waste or forestry waste can be also briquetted individually or in combination with each other without using any binder.

Raw Material such as coconut shell, Corn Husk etc whose size is above 25MM needs to be Crushed into Biomass Crusher or Shredder Machine.

With our Biomass Briquetting Press we can use more than one raw material by mixing it with each other but at the same time, it is necessary to keep the suitable proportion which can be decided on moisture content of raw material.

If the raw material will have high moisture content above 12% than it can reduce by two ways either through Dryer or with the natural way of sun drying or you can use Dryer offered by us that is either Biomass Rotary Dryer or Biomass Turbo Dryer.

The material gets inside through Screw Conveyor to Hopper to Kupy through motor then it is consumed by Ram where with the help of punches and tapper die it gets compressed inside and due to compression, temperature is raised & lignin which acts as a natural binder come to the surface and binds the material into solid fuel known as Briquettes which is automatically pushed outside through cooling line to the storage point from Biomass Briquettes Press.

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