Finished Product Briquettes

Finished product briquettes are directly used into boilers of paper, mills, sugar mill, dyeing houses, leather, oil extraction plants and many other plants. It can be used into furnace & foundries for metal heating & melting. It can also be used and brick kilns. It can also be used in residential & commercial heating purpose. Biomass Briquettes are basically eco-friendly fuels as they will serve nature and human together. They are renewable in nature. They save environment with their special quality – non-polluting. They are affordable to everyone. So we get huge market verticals for the sale of the briquettes. So there is no need to find the client for the end product.

Briquettes have high density – 1200 kg/m3 compared to loose biomass 60 to 180 kg/m3. So they perform complete combustion. Finished product briquettes can stand long distance transport and charges are very low. They are made from binder less technology. Compared to wood, loose biomass, briquettes give the much higher efficiency due to lower moisture and higher density.

The briquettes marketing is increasing day by day due to high demand market and cost effective pollution free.

Finished Product Briquettes

A Briquette is an Ideal Fuel Due to

  • Eco friendly & Renewable Energy fuel.
  • Economical and cheaper than other solid fuels i.e. coal & wood.
  • Higher thermal calorific value around 4000 Kcal/Kg.
  • Pollution free briquettes as these is no sulfur or any hazardous material in the biomass.
  • Lower ash content 2 to 5%. There is no fly ash when burn.
  • Consistent and extraordinary burning efficiency due to the low moisture content.
  • Contain high density & Higher Fix Carbon value.
  • Easy to Transport, combustion and storage due to unique shape.
  • Combustion is more uniform compared to other fossil fuel like coal.
  • High demand market due to high upswing in fossil fuels price.