Energy Vs Pollution

Energy is the major requirement of the growing industrial sector along with the advancement in technology. The prime concern that arises along with that is pollution free environment. Both are the responsibilities of all human beings. He has to deal with the rising demand of energy and take pollution as a concern along with them.

Waste Production

Every year millions of organic waste is generated from agro based products, forestry and many more. This waste is either buried or dumped on barren land far away from the residential areas. The Waste decomposes and generates harmful gases which are released into the environment. The best use is to convert the whole waste into renewable source of energy. This is the alternate source of energy produced through process of biomass briquetting technology. It conserves natural resources by process of recycling to prevent the global warming and save earth.

Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Plant

Biomass briquetting project is suitable in agro-forestry based countries like India, Pakistan, Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, USA, UK, Sri Lanka and many other countries where the demand is very high of briquettes and the raw material that is organic waste is obtained in a very large amount from the agriculture products. The project is all about save the global environment and produces renewable energy to save the earth and decrease pollution.

Business vertical zones

Project of biomass briquetting plant is based on agro-forestry waste that is processed to make briquettes. The motto of the briquetting project is to convert the waste into briquettes of very high density which are used as alternative source of energy. We can represent our briquetting concept as: ” “Pollution free energy at low cost”


Biomass Briquetting Plant Requirements

  • Feeding is done manually through Screw Conveyor
  • Power Consumption is 50 HP to 91 HP
  • Space Requirement is 2000-3000 Square Meter for the whole project.
  • Includes Raw Material Storage, Machine Room, Finished Product storage & Labor Quarters