Biomass Turbo Dryer

Biomass Turbo Dryer is also known as Column Turbo Dryer (CTD) which is utilized for the Drying Purpose for all such Raw Material which is having high moisture content up to 30-35% such as fibrous material such as Bagasse, Jute, Coir Pitch, EFB Palm Waste etc from which moisture evaporates at the acceptable limit of 12%.

General Description

Biomass Turbo Dryer system consists of screw conveyor, vibrating screen, feeding hopper vane guide, conveying line including insulated drying column and conveying line through which wet or moist material is conveyed with hot air. A powerful low pressure open wheel centrifugal fan assures significant resilience time for removal of excess moistures. Material is conveyed to cyclone and discharged through air tap duct.

Technical Specifications

Moisture Evaporation Capacity

450 Kg. /Hr.


1500 Kg. /Hr.

Maximum Input Moisture


Outlet Moisture


Centrifugal Fan Motor

15 Hp

Vibrating Screen

2 Hp

Screw Conveyor Motor

2 Hp

Biomass Turbo Dryer

How it Works

  • Hot air temperature is kept according to the requirement from moisture of material. Your flue gas temp of 150 deg cent will not serve the purpose as material, even at 30-35 % moisture level, will require 300-350 deg centigrade. Also, for 50 % material, the temp may be used at about 500-550 deg cent.
  • Flow rate will be around 10,000 cmh.
  • The dryer is flexible at the joints, i.e., at the bends. So, you can take a 90 deg turn at any of the joints. Hence, including HAG, the dryer size could be 30 x 15 or 25 x 25 ft. with a height of about 29 ft.
  • We recommend to use Hot Air Generator as Source for evaporating moisture from Biomass so that the Briquettes manufactured from such Biomass will be proved to be good Biofuel in Boilers
  •  We use a SS chicken mesh at the outlet of furnace, which is sufficient to arrest any leftover spark in the flue gas, after it has travelled through 2-3 ups & downs in the Furnace.
  • With 50 % input and 14 % output of Bagasse, CTD dryer will give an output of approx. 1500 Kgs/hr.